Remember that despite the pain, the doubts, the sadness and the challenge to overcome the inner turmoil which torments you, you continue to rise.

Remember all the times you fell laying weak with no strength to get back up, wanting to give up, you found the strength to not give in and arose again.

Remember that despite the fear of what tomorrow may bring, don’t lose sight of all the times you faced the same fears yet each day you make it through another day.

Remember that you’ve overcome the fears of the past and tomorrow brought new hopes with the rising sun.

Remember that despite the feelings of hopelessness, you’ve made it this far and that you have beat the odds over and over again.

Remember that each day you keep pushing on despite every fiber of your being screaming not to do so.

Remember that you’re strong, that you are a relentless fighter, one that faces the battle with braveness and dances on the battle field steadfastly and does not waver in the face of adversity.

Remember that despite feeling broken you are able to piece others together and fill their cracks with hope.

Remember that you are a warrior one which will not succumb to life’s battles; you have risen from the ashes.

Remember that your shoulders have carried unbearable weight and yet they remain strong. Remember that despite the tears you hide, you bring laughter to others.

Remember that each day you wear your armor and face the day with grace. Remember who you really are. Do not allow life circumstances to bring you on your knees.

Remember that the harder life presses, the harder you’ll fight. Remember that this is not to end. That your season is soon approaching. Continue to fight despite feeling that you’re able to go one; do not succumb.

Remember that your story is not yet over. Remember to breathe, to self care, to love yourself beyond the flaws, to reach into you inner strength each time your feet waver and stand firm.

Remember to not lose yourself in the pain, to not lose sight of your goals and forget how far you’ve come and forget the difference you’ve made in the lives of others even when you don’t know or think you have. Remember that you matter.