A lifetime movie kind of love…

As much as I find lifetime movies a bit corny and predictable, however, there’s something about them that keeps reeling me in. Perhaps is the hopeless romantic dormant deep inside me, ready to awake; despite all the trials, tribulations, pain, suffering, heartbreaks and the list goes on I’ve endured in the past few years, I believe in love.┬áThe idea of love is one that invigorates my soul. I love the idea of meeting someone one connects with, someone one can fall in love with and spend the rest of one’s life with. Despite the deep rooted scars from past pain, scars not fully healed, I want it all.

I want to find that lifetime movie kind of love. I want a friend, lover, confidant all in one, someone that I can share everything with, someone that no matter the trials, our love will be strong enough to triumph. I want someone that makes me feel glad that I never gave up on the idea of love and feel special in every way; someone that looks at me as if I am the only one, whose touch holds the power to make the world stop.

Do these lifetime movies kind of love exist or does it only exist in the mind of a producer, one filled with beautiful-creative ideologies about love? Does everlasting love that can surpass all hardships, obstacles, endure any curveball and rise above triumphant and end with a beautiful happy ending exist? I want that type of love; can’t live, breathe without you love, I want to spend the rest of my days with you love. I want my own lifetime movie love story.